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How do you describe a product like BODYHEAT?

"And when I get that feeling I want Sexual Healing
Sexual Healing, oh baby,
Makes me feel so fine
Helps to relieve my mind

Sexual Healing baby, is good for me
Sexual Healing is something that's good for me"

Marvin Gaye (1939 - 1984)




How do you describe a product like BODYHEAT?

Some people are calling it Liquid Viagra -  although we don't think that's quite accurate, since Viagra* is a drug (designed to give men an erection and nothing else), yet BODYHEAT is a natural product that can be used by both men and women to heighten their experiences

Others think it is more like Red Bull, but that's not true either since Red Bull is a sugar and caffeine based energy drink which comes ready-diluted in a can - whereas BODYHEAT comes as a handy 5ml concentrate and has NEITHER CAFFEINE NOR CALORIES

(Although we must admit it tastes delicious, but it is far more than just an energy drink)

In trying to describe the effects, people use words like sexual energy, rush, alertness or sharpness·but none of them quite sums up what this product is about. That's why we named it after a movie whose name captures the essence of sexual tension and excitement - although we could equally have called it Altered States after another movie...

So how do you describe the feeling you get from a product which defies description?

You need to experience it for yourself and send us your description
- the best description we receive by the end of January 2009 will receive a FREE month's supply!

What is it? Geon
BODYHEAT is an exciting new fruit and herbal soft drink concentrate, infused with a synergistic blend of traditional Amazonian and Chinese plants known for their uplifting qualities, and

is so concentrated you just add it to a glass of water or your favourite beverage for an experience you are unlikely to forget. Its unique blend of both fast and slow-acting herbs ensures continued benefits that reward regular usage, yet unlike some products you can actually feel it going to work from the very first time you try it. Not only is it good for you, it also tastes delicious!

It comes in handy 5ml packets or LiquiPods to dilute in your favourite beverage

How would you like to experience

·         greater sexual satisfaction?

·         a sense of euphoria and well-being?

·         increased mental and physical energy?

·         deeper, more restful sleep?

·         an optimised metabolism? 

Research shows that consumers are demanding beverages incorporating health boosting, functional ingredients that aid personal well-being. This demand has created a global market worth over $20 billion and is predicted to grow to over $26 billion by 2012. Now you can tap into this lucrative functional beverage market, but not with a heavy 32oz or 1 litre bottle of flavoured water or 'exotic fruit juice', but with a convenient biomimetic super concentrate you can carry in your pocket or purse.

Over 10 years in the making, BODYHEAT is the result of a unique three-stage production process

1.     Supercritical extraction- We start with the purest herbal isolates available, made possible by our chemical-free, solvent-free, cold process extraction technology which preserves the integrity of the original plant.

2.     Synergistic blend- Our carefully selected blend of herbs and nutritional co-factors is the result of 10 years' research and development to find just the right balance of ingredients for both immediate and longer term benefits

3.     Biomimetic delivery- Our ingredients are then layered and dynamically compressed using our proprietary colloidal matrix technology so each individual 'note' is potentiated and able to be experienced by the body.

The result? Possibly the most experiential soft drink you've ever tasted. The vibrant lifeforce of these phytoceuticals can be felt from your very first sip. You can feel it going to work

People meditate, practice yoga, go to the gym, take chemical stimulants, and do any number of other things to 'raise' their energy or get their 'kundalini rising'. Feeling more alive, more 'present', usually also involves a desire to increase libido and recapture feelings of youth, as our sexual energy is so intimately tied to our sense of identity. This applies equally for both men and women.

We all want to feel stronger, more youthful and vibrant human beings in the prime of our lives - it's only natural. Well, now we can, with BODYHEAT. You deserve to feel your very best every single day. It's your right.

Experience Geon's worldwide exclusive formula here and become one of the very first to help us build a new global brand.

Enough already, let me JOIN NOW!

Until January 31st 2009,  it is FREE to register with Geon and start promoting your business immediately.  

However, in order to earn any bonuses you will need to purchase the full Starter Kit package which includes your ecommerce-enabled website with shopping cart and password-protected management console to manage your sales and your worldwide business, along with a sample of BODYHEAT for you to try. This is just US$59.95 ex VAT for a full year's access. Join now and you'll have your website and can be in business in minutes!

Please note: BODYHEAT is a mood enhancer and works best if you are in the mood. Drinking BODYHEAT may enhance your pleasure and sexual satisfaction but is NOT a substitute for Viagra
or other treatments for Erectile Dysfunction. BODYHEAT is a recreational nutritional supplement that may enhance and intensify an already healthy love life.

If you are unable to achieve or maintain an erection, you should always consult your doctor to receive a proper medical diagnosis.

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*Viagra and Red Bull are registered trademarks of Pfizer and Red Bull respectively.


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Вывод вебмани наличными и на карту сбербанка

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алексеевне. она способна решить практически любую проблему. тогда она сжала мой большой палец.человек без надежд с кучей порванных нервов но тогда его надо как можно скорее аннулировать.

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GEON bodyheat - типа Red Bull ? Или я ошибаюсь?

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No SPAM Policy.You have reached this page because someone cared enough about you to make you aware of a new and unique opportunity. However, if you arrived here through an unsolicited commercial email (SPAM) please report this here as we have a zero-tolerance approach to SPAM and practices which bring our business and products into disrepute. !!!!

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