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Bedroom Escapades Vol.8 (2010)

23.11.2010, 01:01

Album: Bedroom Escapades Vol.8 (2010)
Label: Parasol
Rls Date: 07.11.2010
Genre: Lounge, Downtempo, Easy Listening
Tracks: 25
Time: 128:02 Min
Size: 277 MB
Bitrate: mp3 | 320 kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo


01. Vladislav Korsakov - Small Hero In A Big World (original mix)
02. Cool Million - Musiq (feat Jahah - A Tom Moulton mix)
03. Lexicon - Jazz Field - MP3 Sample Cue Track Add to wishlist
04. Openzone Bar - Love Intense (feat CA Jordan)
05. The Lushlife Project - Magic Compass (Zoohacker Broken Beat remake)
06. Nor Elle - The Truth (Ocean Gaya's Bayside mix)
07. Deep-Maker - You Love This
08. Lukas Greenberg - Prisoner With A Key (feat Nica Brooke)
09. Romanto & Out Of The Drum - Reasons (feat Eddie Greene - Acoustic)
10. Peo - Tonight (feat Mirjam)
11. Johannes Huppertz - For Penny A Dream
12. Digital Alkemist - A Song For You
13. Sky D'Or - Engiadina
14. Jerome Noak - Croisette (feat Jenni Wiegand - Acoustique Parfum remix)
15. Berkstroem - Resena Positiva
16. The Lushlife Project - That Train (feat Martina - radio edit)
17. Cosmic Orient - Chinese Eyes
18. Eigenart - Lyra
19. Cool Million - Back For More (feat Eugene Wilde - album mix)
20. Tokyo Counterpoint - Twist Of Fate
21. The Casino Royal - Another Sunday Morning
22. The Burhorn - F 'N' P (feat Grunert)
23. Naomi - Avenue L'Amour (Lemongrass remix)
24. Allen Spion - Quantum Emotions
25. Alphawezen - Gai Soleil (Cigales instrumental)

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