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Beauty Lounge Vol.3 (2010)

18.09.2010, 18:08

Title: Beauty Lounge Vol.3 (2010)
Label: Audio Lotion Germany
Release Date: 10.09.2010
Genre: Lounge
Tracks: 25
Size: 298 Mb
Quality: mp3 | 320 kbps / 44,1kHz / Stereo


1. Jens Buchert - Ice (4:14)
2. Denis Melody - Just Call Me (4:02)
3. Junopilot - Farbschleife (8:28)
4. Schwarz & Funk - Velvet Dreams (5:30)
5. The Ottawa Bros - A Good Will (3:59)
6. Sugahspank! - Lost That Loving Feeling (3:58)
7. Rodrigo Sanchez - Black Berry (feat Brenda Boykin) (6:16)
8. Area 42 - Triptychon (4:10)
9. Dubdiver - Song Of The Siren (6:58)
10. Chill Venice - Back By Dope Demand (4:56)
11. Matinalsystem - Tu Voz Es La Musica (feat Veronica) (4:51)
12. Bedroom Affairs - Love Lounge (Erotic Escapades mix) (5:52)
13. David Maj - Marea (4:33)
14. Jean Mare - Lifeflow (8:48)
15. Out Of Sight - I Am (3:49)
16. ITB Sea - Bond Page (6:04)
17. Dr Drummer - Happiness (6:25)
18. Eddie Silverton - Hidden Jewel (3:35)
19. Hard Flame - Styles (4:25)
20. Frank Demegni - Global Sex (4:09)
21. Kevin Place - Tempius (3:21)
22. Chill Groovers - Aqua Nova (4:45)
23. Amberland - Melange Electrique (5:27)
24. DJ Laura Mils - Lonely Dreams (5:04)
25. Armando Gomez - Temple Of Paradise (6:18)

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